Pandora: The World of AVATAR – The 6 Things to Know


1. Merchandise

In Windtraders, the store at the exit of Flight of Passage, guests can find a bevy of unique merchandise.  Guests can be scanned and have their likeness printed on an avatar action figure.  The process requires some time for the figure to be prepared, so be sure to allow enough time for it to be done.  The other merchandise selection are the banshees.  Guests can meet and adopt their own banshees that they are able to control through a variety of hand controls.  These two pieces of merchandise are the most unique, but guests can also find a multitude of other traditional souvenirs — t-shirts, small toys, etc.

Traveling to Pandora is a great addition to any trip to Animal Kingdom, so its important to know all of what this land has to offer to guests to see and enjoy.  We are confident that you’ll love all the aspects of this new land — which is your favorite part of Pandora?

Photo Credit: Disney

By Tyler


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