Pandora: The World of AVATAR – The 6 Things to Know

Flight of Passage

4. FastPass Attractions

Pandora is home to two fantastic attractions to entertain guests and to immerse them deeper in the story.  The first, Na’vi River Journey is a classic Disney boat ride.  Guests climb aboard a small boat that can fit up to six people for a journey through the forests of Pandora, exploring the flora and fauna of the land, as well as interacting with the Shaman of Songs.  The second attraction, Flight of Passage, allows guests to climb aboard a banshee and fly over the landscapes of Pandora.  It is a breathtaking experience that guests will want to experience multiple times.  Since both of these attractions are thematically pleasing, standby lines for both attractions routinely are over 60 minutes, so you will definitely want to use one of your FastPass selections for these attractions!

Photo Credit: Disney


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