Our Top 15 List for Disney's Epcot in a Day

Mission Space

11. Mission: SPACE

If Test Track wasn't quite exciting enough for you, hop over to Mission: SPACE and get in the "orange" line. (The "green" line is much gentler, designed for riders who have any health concerns or otherwise want to avoid intense thrills/spinning.)

On this ride, you'll really feel like you're flying on a rocket to Mars, G-forces and all. You're also assigned a couple of "tasks" (i.e. button pushes) to perform along the way.

10. The Seas with Nemo & Friends

This building has the Finding Nemo ride, which is always great fun, but also great are the aquarium exhibits you get to see after getting off the ride. This is also where you can see "Turtle Talk with Crush".

Be sure to watch and listen to the infamous "Mine! Mine!" seagulls outside!


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