Our Top 15 List for Disney's Epcot in a Day

Imagination Station

7. Journey Into Imagination with Figment

Going on the Figment ride is something of a tradition for Disney nerds. It's not quite the same as before the update, but thankfully beloved character "Figment" not only returned but has a large part (unlike the Dreamfinder who is still M.I.A.). The science-y props and film set pieces in the queue are worth checking out– remember Honey, I Shrunk the Kids and the classic Flubber?

Part Two: World Showcase (Back Half of Epcot)

6. Frozen Ever After

The Frozen craze is arguably done by now, but that hasn't stopped this ride from continuing to have long lines. We have to say though, it certainly is something to experience at least once. The animatronics alone are worth the wait.


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