Our 10 Step Get-It-Together Plan for a Perfect Disney World Vacation

6. Approximately Six Months Out - Book Dining Reservations

Walt Disney World Dining reservations can be secured 180 days in advance of your vacation. Prior research done ahead of the booking window enables you to snag reservations at your must do restaurants at your preferred dining time as soon as the booking window opens.

5. Six Months Out - Make a Vacation Shopping List and Start Stocking Up

The cost of preparing for a vacation can add up.  Between sunscreen, snacks, and needed park clothes for the family, you could be facing over a hundred dollars in shopping costs.  Space out the expense by stocking up on vacation essentials six months prior to your vacation.  Snag coupons for items like snacks and sunscreen to lower the costs and shop dollar stores and bargain store sales for cool and comfy park clothes for the kids. Buy Disney travel surprises like character stickers or fun t-shirts and water bottles for the kid to enjoy in vacation without shelling out a lot of extra cash.


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