Our 10 Step Get-It-Together Plan for a Perfect Disney World Vacation


8. Eight Months Out - Review the Disney Website and Blogs for Park Information

Researching Walt Disney World attractions, dining and other fun details is a great way to prepare for your vacation by increasing your park knowledge while you get amped up for the awesome trip that awaits you. The Walt Disney World website has fantastic information on each attraction, restaurant, and resort on the property.  Make it a family affair and spend time browsing the website and taking notes for your park plan.  Hitting the blogs like How to Disney and Disney Fanatic are great ways to learn park tips from Walt Disney Word buff that have experience vacationing at Walt Disney World.

7. Eight Months Out - Select and Book a Resort and Research Dining Options

Now that you have had plenty of time to research resort options and familiarize yourself with the Walt Disney World property, its time to book your resort hotel!  If you want to take a few minutes to ask questions and get more information prior to booking your resort, feel free to chat with a cast member on the Disney website or via phone. After your resort room is booked begin research to narrow down your must do dining options during your vacation.


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