Operation Disney - How to Plan and Execute A Fabulous Trip to Walt Disney World

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3. Make and Use a Park Plan

After FastPass+ tickets Advanced Dining Reservations have been booked, put together a park plan taking into account what attractions you want to visit during your park days.  Having a set time your family is heading for the parks each morning is a good way to keep everyone motivated and moving in the morning. A park plan will also ensure you are not retracing unnecessary steps in the park or wasting time deciding which attraction to tackle next.

2. Take Breaks

Slowing down to take a break from the parks will help you feel rested enough to enjoy your vacation.  Depending on your family’s needs, taking a break midday each day, or choosing an evening in at your resort instead of hitting the parks may be a good fit for you. The heat and walking takes a toll and can zap energy.  Know that it’s ok to take breaks as needed, and don’t feel guilty for slowing down.

1. Enjoy Other Parts of the Property

There are so many things to see on a Disney vacation outside the theme parks.  Take the time to enjoy resort hopping, visiting Disney Springs and exploring the Disney Boardwalk. Some of my favorite things to experience on a Disney vacation can be enjoyed without the need for a park ticket.

By Katherine


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