Not So Magical: 10 Ways to Spoil a Trip to The Magic Kingdom

2. Disney Discourtesies 

This one is a no-brainer but still seems to be something people forget. Take a page from Cinderella and be kind and patient with your fellow park-goers. There are a few certain fans that seem to leave their manners at home when visiting the parks. I have seen guests knowingly litter, use profanity at Meet and Greets, and play games loudly on their phones during shows and performances. Use common courtesy and do not distract or disrupt another fan’s Disney experience. You might be a regular pass holder going through all the bells and whistles on your trip, but don’t forget you are not the only guest of the kingdom.

1. Cruelty to Cast Members

The Disney Cast Members should be your best friend during your stay at any of the parks, but The Magic Kingdom especially. Being the biggest and most popular of all the Disney properties in Walt Disney World, it takes a lot of people to put Magic in The Magic Kingdom. They are there to assist, direct, and make sure your Disney experience is absolutely fantastic. So please, for the love of Walt, be nice to your Cast Members. They do so much and continue to smile and spread pixie dust to hundreds of guests a day. Treat them kindly as you would a host or a friend. They will always appreciate it, so don’t be afraid to share some magic back with them.

By Zach


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