Not So Magical: 10 Ways to Spoil a Trip to The Magic Kingdom


4. Forgetting Food

A hungry guest is an unhappy guest. If you don’t put fuel in the tank, your car will not start. As stated in the previous page, The Magic Kingdom has plenty of food service restaurants to satisfy the rumbly in your tumbly. For those of you thinking about saving money by waiting till the end of your day to eat outside the parks, think again. There’s a reason we’ve created the word “hangry.” Either pack some snacks in your travel bag, just remember that they have to go through security, use a meal plan, or take extra cash for food in the park. This writer highly recommends taking advantage of park favorites such as the Frontierland Turkey Leg and of course the ever popular Dole-Whip. Whatever your decision, please remember to eat and keep your energy up for storming the kingdom

3. The Wild Child

There’s a reason the announcements always say “Please watch your children.” There is always something fantastic going on and kids are always easily excitable, sometimes too excitable. With large crowds, constant movement, and a large amount of terrain, it can be very easy for them to get lost or even hurt. If you or your party happen to be traveling with smaller fans, please keep an eye on them and make sure they do not separate from your group. I’m not saying keep a leash on your kids, but by no means should they be left to just run up and down Main Street. Keep them close, under control, and out of harm’s way.


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