Not So Magical: 10 Ways to Spoil a Trip to The Magic Kingdom

Cinderella Castle Show, Magic Kingdom

6. Fight the Crowd

The Disney Parks, like every other theme park in the world, will always have crowds. How big or how small the crowd truly depends on the time you go. Nevertheless, you will be put against some crowding at some point or another during your trip. Patience and planning are the keys to surviving the huddled masses. This writer has seen certain visitors push, shove, argue, and drag their child through parade traffic to try to get to their destination. For your safety and the safety of others, please do not do this. Be smart, be aware of your location, and find a safe path for you and/or your party to get from A to B. Take it from a Magic Kingdom Maniac, a straight line is not always the shortest distance. This behavior also applies to stage shows at Cinderella Castle and the Nighttime Spectaculars. Simply and bluntly put, if you want a good spot, get there early. There’s plenty to see at The Magic Kingdom, no reason to push and shove to get there

5. Dehydration

One of the biggest mistakes guests can possibly do is forget to hydrate in the scalding Floridian sun. True, it can be absolutely mind-blowing how enchanting all the sights and sounds of the Magic Kingdom are, but do not let it distract you from your own personal health and safety. There are plenty of food service locations that offer free cups of water for over-heated guests. If you didn’t pack your water-bottle, this courteous service can be a lifesaver on your trip to the parks. Remember, sunburns can be bad, but dehydration can be so much worse.


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