Not So Magical: 10 Ways to Spoil a Trip to The Magic Kingdom

Running Shoes

8. Sunburns

Taking a bit from our previous entry, it should be obvious that Orlando gets very hot and very sunny. It is the “Sunshine State” after all. With that bright of combination, a strong sunscreen is practically mandatory for a day at the parks. Temperatures reaching the nineties and UV rays beating down can shave off some of the fun. Burns and sun poisoning have occurred, so if you don’t want to spend your trip applying aloe vera to red, stinging flesh, come prepared. Speaking from experience, it should also be noted that proper reapplication is strongly encouraged. Be smart, pack a good, strong sunblock and apply regularly.

7. Footwear Failure

Another painful mistake guests make is choosing the wrong sort of footwear to don for the parks. Nothing slows down the trip faster than blistered feet. All four of the parks cover a large amount of area, and you may walk as much as 10 miles in a day. Trudging through The Magic Kingdom in flip flops is not the way to go, dear readers. With the great number of distances, you will be walking, blisters can ensue. It’s kind of hard to appreciate the magic of Disney while you’re limping on a throbbing sore. Ditch the flops, and pack a pair of closed toed shoes or a pair of solid soled sandals. Your feet will thank you.


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