Mouse Hunt: The Best Places to Meet Mickey in Walt Disney World

Mickey and Minnie

4. Adventure is Out There

Disney’s Animal Kingdom is home to many exotic species and of course a mouse has to be one of them. Characters like Baloo, Terk, and Rafiki obviously make their appearances in this wildlife-themed park, but that doesn’t mean Mickey can’t get in on the fun as well. Formerly seen at Camp Minnie-Mickey, Mickey and Minnie can now be found at Adventurer’s Outpost. Dressed in their safari attire, they definitely look like they’re ready for a trek through some uncharted jungle in search of adventure. Though some may view this Meet and Greet as either just an excuse to put Mickey somewhere in another Disney Park or something for younger guests to enjoy, this writer sees it as Mickey adapting to a new environment. Mickey and Minnie bring a little extra touch of Disney to their jungle-themed environment. 

Photo Credit: Disney


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