Magic Kingdom's Fantasyland Can Get Insanely Busy - Here's How You Can Beat the Crowds

Castle FastPass

6. Utilize the FastPass+ System

FastPasses may be in limited supply, but you can still take advantage of them to make the most of your day. Consider booking FastPasses for the most popular attractions (e.g. Peter Pan’s Flight), instead of wasting them on rides that are generally walk-ons (e.g. It’s a Small World). If you’re a new visitor, you may need to do some research or ask for recommendations from a travel agent/friend. You’ll be relieved that you took the time to do when you’re breezing past the more daunting lines. And don’t forget, once you have used up your three FastPasses, you will be able to book more! So, book them as early as possible in the day. The more FastPasses, the better!


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