Innovations and Imagination: What to Do When You Visit Epcot

World Showcase France

3. Walk Around the World

After hitting my favorite rides, my favorite thing to do while visiting Epcot is to visit the famous World Showcase. Many Disney fans and park visitors like to bounce around their favorite spots, but recently I discovered the simple joys of just walking around the whole area visiting one country after the next. The World Showcase is a kaleidoscope of cultures coming together to form almost an entirely separate park experience. Completely different from Future World in all manners of decor, design, and atmosphere. You can get your pasta fix in Italy, see a miniature village in Germany, visit a kawaii museum in Japan, or jam out with a Brit-Rock band in the U.K. Whether you start in Canada or end in Morocco, you can be sure to spend a day with all the phenomenal things these countries have to offer. Like the song says, it’s a small world after all.


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