How to Plan Your Best Walt Disney World Vacation Ever

Castle Money

2. Have a Budget and Try to Stick to It

For most of us, a Disney vacation requires planning and saving every extra penny until we hit that target amount for a Walt Disney World trip.  Do your research so you can come up with an approximate dollar figure for the entire trip, including transportation costs, Hotel stays on the road, Resort stays while at Disney World, dining, souvenirs, and any other activities you may want to enjoy, like special events, miniature golf, water parks, etc.  It’s best to add extra amounts to your approximate figure for incidentals, and have one particular credit card for emergencies only.  Remember, also, that you can bring food into the parks; snacks, drinks, etc., but nothing that has to be heated, and not glass containers of any kind.  Bring enough so that you can occasionally have lunch in your Resort Hotel.  There have been many times when we took a couple of hours off and returned to our room for a nice peanut butter & jelly sandwich feast, plus you save a lot of money by not eating every meal at the parks.  Be creative with breakfast and lunch, and later enjoy a nice dinner at one of the many restaurants at the parks or Disney Springs.  Quick Service restaurants can be found all over Disney World and are less expensive.  Also, if you plan ahead and pick the right dates and the right Disney Resort, you may be able to take advantage of the FREE dining plan (a super saver).


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