How To Do Disney For $3,000 Over 6 Days For A Family of 4

Option D – Off Property Suite/4 Day Park Pass/Water Parks + Golf – $2150 + meals

Finally, Option D allows you some flexibility with a large off-property suite. Going just a stone’s throw away from Disney property can offer a lot more space at a fraction of the price. Check out this article for some recommendations: The Top 5 Hotels Outside Of Disney Property. You’d be on your own for meals with this option, but with $850 left to spend in the budget, you can make some pretty fabulous choices over six days, especially considering a suite will allow you to have at least one meal in your room. Also note that this price includes the Water Parks and More option, meaning that pretty much your entire vacation will be spent on Disney property anyways – you’d only be sleeping a little further away.

Doing Disney for under $3000 is totally within your reach! Just choose the options that are most important to your party, and you’ll be on your way to creating magical memories – without breaking the bank.

By DisneyFan


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