How To Do Disney For $3,000 Over 6 Days For A Family of 4

Waterparks Disney

Option B – Value Resort/4 Day Park Pass/ Quick Dining/Water Parks + Golf – $2800

With this option, you could still stay at an All Star Resort for five nights/six days. But instead of having 6 passes to the parks, you could instead choose 4 park passes (meaning still have a full day in each park) and add the Water Parks and More option. This way, you could have a little time to enjoy your resort and hit the (amazingly fun!) water parks or golf courses. This could be a more relaxing, vacation-y option instead of trying to fit in 6 park days. This price also reflects a down-grade to quick-service dining, however. That means instead of a table service credit, you’d have a second counter-service credit for each night. If having a sit-down meal each night is important to you, you’d have to break the budget a little to upgrade this back to the regular dining plan – around $3150.



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