Home Park Homesick: What To Do When You’re Missing Disney

Disney World Castle and Balloons

4. Find a Disney Podcast

A good browsing session through iTunes can help you find the Disney focused podcast you’re looking for. There are podcasts on Disney Parks, movie news, Disney history, and popular Disney rides, just to name a few. Podcasts, like blogs, are a great way to stay informed and in the loop on all things in the world of the mouse. This writer strongly recommends the following podcasts for those who need more Disney in their life:

 The Disney Story Origins Podcast - A podcast focusing on famous Disney films along with the fairytale or source material that inspired them.

DHI: The Disney History Institute - A podcast lead by Disney Historians, Paul F. Anderson and Todd J. Pierce, this podcast uncovers various historical moments in the history of the Walt Disney Company, the parks, the films, and the man himself.

Dis-Order: Every Disney Film - A lighthearted look at the history of Disney’s animated features from the Real Fans podcast network. More of a roundtable discussion from fellow Disney fans than analytic study, the commentary from the hosts is absolutely witty and fantastic.


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