Here’s Our Top 20 List For Magic Kingdom Must Dos

3. Walt Disney World Popcorn/All Over the Magic Kingdom

Yes, popcorn has made it to our “must do” list.  Walt Disney World has the absolute best popcorn in the world. There are popcorn carts all over the Parks, so find one, especially one that has just finished popping a batch, for the best tasting popcorn you have ever had.  The secret is in the way they cook the popcorn. The kernels are popped in a combination of coconut, corn, and canola oil, and seasoned with kosher salt. You can smell the freshly popped popcorn as soon as you enter Town Square on Main Street.  They have specially designed buckets, refillable buckets, and flavored popcorn. Once you try it, you will get that refillable bucket next time.


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