Fun in the Front Seat - Disney Attractions With The Best Front Seat Experiences

Expedition Everest at Animal Kingdom

3. Expedition Everest

Perhaps the largest structure in Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Expedition Everest looms over the Asian lands of the park. Screams of plummeting riders can be heard even just outside the ride’s vicinity. Easily one of Disney’s more intimidating coasters, Expedition Everest is not only home to one of the largest animatronics in Disney Imagineering, but it is also home to one of the most spectacular front seat views. From the top of the mountain, if seated in the front, you can see not only Disney’s Animal Kingdom but also the icons of both Epcot and the Walt Disney World Resort hotels. After a brief stop at the Yeti-ripped tracks, the ride falls backward into the snowy caverns where the monster is waiting. It’s often discussed among Disney fans whether the front seat or the middle seats are best to experience this ride. Both are fine for the rush of the coaster, but for the best view of the parks, the front seat is where it’s at. Don’t let the Yeti scare you away from a gorgeous view.


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