Fun in the Front Seat - Disney Attractions With The Best Front Seat Experiences

Space Mountain

7. Space Mountain

Space Mountain only at number seven? Impossible! Well, let me explain. Space Mountain is Tomorrowland's icon, and arguably The Magic Kingdom’s most popular coaster. This space-themed ride sends guests swinging through the stars as the coaster rises and falls through the darkness. While this is perhaps the coaster’s biggest buff, it’s also a bit of a setback. Because the ride is in almost total darkness, there’s very little difference from sitting in the front seat than sitting in the back. The momentum, speed, and adrenaline rush felt on the coaster is, at least from this rider’s perspective, the same. The front seat, however, does have the best rush when it comes to the drops, but only by so much. Space Mountain still feels just as good from the front seat as it does from the back. In short, it’s a fantastic coaster that is absolutely out of this world.


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