Fun in the Front Seat - Disney Attractions With The Best Front Seat Experiences

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

10. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

I know what you’re thinking, why is Big Thunder so low on the list? While Big Thunder Mountain is perhaps this writer’s favorite coaster, it’s not without its flaws. Though it has its atmosphere, twists and turns, and speedy momentum that creates a savory adrenaline rush, the front seat is not always the best choice in this case. The obstruction from the train engine impacting the view does alter the experience a bit, but the ride’s most noticeable error is when the front car comes to the hills. The mechanism for the coaster to latch onto the chain is located in the train engine, once the train comes to a hill, it will briefly jerk as it couples to the chain. This causes a brief interruption in the experience, but it is soon remedied by the rush and fall as the coaster goes over the hill. While Big Thunder has it’s hiccups, it’s still by far one of the best coasters at The Magic Kingdom, and is a great way to start out the list.


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