Fun in the Front Seat - Disney Attractions With The Best Front Seat Experiences

Test Track

1. Test Track

At our number one spot sits Epcot’s Test Track, the fastest ride in all of the Disney Parks. Test Track earns the number one spot due to its speed, motion, and rush of excitement felt as the smart car goes zooming down the titular track. The ride takes guests from an indoor testing facility where they experience how their personal smart car fares in hazardous weather, sharp curves, and rocky terrain before it slams on the throttle reaching up to sixty miles per hour as it races towards the finish line. There’s no better place to feel the jolt of speed and adrenaline than at the front of this hybrid hotrod. The wind blows through your hair, the momentum of the vehicle nearly pins you to the back of your seat, and the overall thrill factor is through the roof. That is why Test Track takes our number one spot as the ride with the best front seat experience. So on your next trip to Epcot, be sure to strap in and hold on tight as you ride the terrific Test Track.

By Zach


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