Fact or Fiction?  10 Myths About Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom

Castle Suite

7.  Walt’s Suite in Cinderella’s Castle at Walt Disney World was built as a personal apartment for Walt Disney when he visited the Magic Kingdom

This sounds like a fact but in actuality the designs for Cinderella’s Castle were not completed until after Walt’s death in 1966.  The area in question was originally a space used for storage and was also the home of the Disney telephone operators for a while.  Then in 2006 as part of the “Year of a Million Dreams” promotion, the unused space in the Castle was transformed into the “Royal Suite” which is a luxurious “royal bedchamber” which can sleep as many as 6 guests, and is a masterpiece of creative designing.  The “Royal Suite” was awarded to prize winning contestants, then later was available for special promotions, famous celebrities and dignitaries.  Yes, there is a “Royal Suite” inside Cinderella’s Castle, but it was never meant to be an apartment for Walt Disney. 



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