Everything You Need To Know About Going To Walt Disney World

Castle Tomorrowland Distance

2. Don’t Rush a Good Thing

Speaking of burn out, it should be said that it is indeed possible to go on Disney overload.   Four parks, 46 rides and attractions, and dozens of different characters that make the parks come to life, many park-goers make the mistake of trying to cram it all into one sitting. I myself went into sensory overload my first time and learned very quickly you cannot experience it all in one day. In this writer’s humble opinion, The Magic Kingdom alone needs a minimum of two days to do it justice. The biggest mistake any fan or guest can make is trying too hard to do it all. Walt Disney World has so much to see and experience it can all be a blur if one tries to rush through and do it all. Parks like Epcot and The Magic Kingdom need to be seen for their aesthetics and attention to detail as well as their rides and attractions. If you are going to visit just one of the parks, then spend the entire day. From the opening celebration to the nighttime spectacular, you will not be disappointed.


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