Everything You Need To Know About Going To Walt Disney World

3. Don’t Forget to Recharge

Spending a day at any of the Disney parks is always going to require a large amount of energy in more ways than one. If you plan on spending the whole day, don’t forget to eat and stay hydrated. It’s very easy to burn yourself out trekking through the parks, especially in the Orlando heat. That’s why it’s very important to either pack a snack or grab a lunch. Water is always free, just ask a cast member at any of the eateries. But if you’re not planning to stop at one of the snack stands or restaurants, you might want to pack a protein bar or two. Just remember, your bag will have to go through security. Park-goers are not the only things in need of a recharge at Disney, amidst all the rides and pixie dust, sometimes we forget about our electronic friends in our pockets. If you find your phone in the dreaded red zone, guest services always have a charging station where you can leave your phone while you enjoy the park. Your device will be kept safe by an attentive cast member, letting you put your mind at ease and your phone on charge. Enjoy the park, but don’t let yourself burn out, it’s not a pretty picture.


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