Everything You Need to Know About Being a Princess at Disney Parks

2. A princess must be wise and think on her feet.

As a young lady portraying a Disney princess in the parks, she will, from time to time, encounter situations that will require her ability to be mature, to use wisdom and good judgment in her responses and to think quickly so that a potentially less than positive situation doesn’t become negative. At times, children will ask the princess questions or say things to her that may catch her off guard. In those cases, it’s a true Disney princess-at-heart who will address what is said calmly and politely and then redirect the conversation. Sadly, there are even occasions during which an adult will say something inappropriate or out of place to a Disney princess, and she will need to be able to handle and respond to those comments without being discourteous, stepping out of character or potentially souring the Magic for true fans who are watching from a distance. Professionally delivered quick wit will be key.


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