Disney’s Magical Express 101: 5 Things You Should Know

Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort

3. You’ll depart from your resort early

On the way back to the airport, Disney’s Magical Express will schedule your pickup time at the resort three-four hours before your flight departs (three hours for domestic flights and four hours for international flights). This may seem very early, but keep in mind that getting from your resort to the Orlando International Airport will take some time, and the wait times for security can be very hit or miss. (You should also note that depending on where your resort is located on the loop, you may stop at other resorts before heading to the airport. Don’t worry though! You would only stop at resorts that are close by and it will not add much time to your commute). If you like to be early, and are still worried about making your flight despite the extra three hours, check with an earlier Magical Express driver to see if there is room on the bus-- if the bus is not full, they will typically allow you to depart earlier.


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