Disney World Travel Essentials - What You Need For Your Magical Trip


6. A Small Park Bag

All you need to get into the parks is your MagicBand, but if you want to bring more with you, a lightly packed bag will do the trick. The less you pack, the better. You don’t want to lug a heavy bag on and off rides, so stick with the essentials and determine what items you’ll actually need on that given day.

5. Swimsuits

Disney World has two great waterparks and each hotel has at least one main pool area. If you’re visiting during the spring or summer, the weather will be quite hot and you might want to take a dip. Some Disney resorts are nestled on Bay Lake and even have a private beachfront to enjoy!

4. Strollers

Some guests like to save the hassle and rent strollers here. After all, it’s more convenient, especially if you’re catching a flight to Disney. However, rentals can be pricey. If you have an extended stay here at Disney, it adds up quickly. Bringing your own stroller will save you a good chunk of money.


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