Disney World Travel Essentials - What You Need For Your Magical Trip

Rain At Disney World

9. Rain Gear

Rain strikes often here, sometimes without warning and especially during the summer months. Keep light-weight ponchos and umbrellas on you if possible. That way you won’t have to run for cover when bad weather strikes and you’ll be fully equipped. Rain gear at the parks have an upcharge, so be aware.  

8. Sun Gear

The weather here is typically warm year-round. Even on overcast days, beams of sunlight trickle in through the parks. Most parks don’t have a lot of shade, so keep sunblock on hand. Having a pair of sunglasses will come in handy too. Carrying a small fan with you would also help!

7. Snacks

If you bring some of your own snacks from home or order some through Garden Grocer, you can save a lot of money on food here at Disney. Sit-down restaurants and quick service eateries can be pricey, so having a few of your own selections on hand is cost-effective and a good way to save time. 


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