Disney World on A Budget - What You Should and Shouldn't Spend Your Money on

Grand Floridian

5. You Should Stay On Property/You Shouldn’t Stay Deluxe

Plenty of visitors stay in off-site hotels, but frankly, there are too many benefits for those who stay on property. From free airport transportation to access for extended park hours, the money you could be saving at a Days Inn pales in comparison. On the other hand, you can save a significant amount of money by choosing a resort in the Value Tier, as opposed to staying in a Deluxe Tier venue. Sure, deluxe options like The Grand Floridian Resort are glamorous and opulent, but the typical guest just needs a working shower and an adequate bed. (This is especially true if you’re a visitor that likes to pound the pavement.) So, yes. Definitely splurge for an on-property room, but save the Deluxe Tier for a special occasion.


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