Disney Glossary - 50 Terms You Should Know Before Visiting WDW Resort

Contemporary resort

41. Queue

The line for an attraction, sometimes with added features to make the time pass more quickly.

42. Quick Service

Quick service refers to a category of dining at the Disney Resort where you place your order at a counter or register and find your own table.  Usually quicker and less expensive than Table Service.  It is sometimes called Counter Service.

43. Rope Drop

The “rope drop” is the official opening time of a Disney theme park when CMs allow guests to enter.  A rope is not necessarily required, and when one is present it is usually pulled to the side rather than dropped.

44. Snack

Disney Dining Plans include snacks, which are small or single-serving items to tide you over between meals.  The snacks offered on the plan vary, but can include items like pastries, ice cream, fruit, popcorn, or drinks.  Snack items on Disney menus are denoted by a purple and white square with the letters “Ddp” and a beverage cup icon.

45. Signature

A category of dining at the Disney World Resort, signature dining denotes a fine dining experience with top-notch food, service, and atmosphere.  This is some of the most expensive dining on Disney property, and a signature dining reservation will require 2 table service credits from your Disney Dining Plan balance.  Signature dining locations may have dress codes as well.

46. Special Event

A special event at Disney is an offering or experience that is only available for a limited time or as a one-time annual event.  These include hard ticket celebrations like Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party, events included with admission like Epcot’s Food and Wine Festival, or one-off annual events like the Disney Marathon and Half-Marathon Weekend.

47. Table Service

Table service refers to a category of dining at the Disney Resort where you are seated at a table and waited on by a server.

48. Ticket and Transportation Center (TTC)

The TTC is a transportation hub at the Disney Resort where guests can transfer to monorail, boat, or bus as required to reach specific points around Disney property.  As the Magic Kingdom main parking lot is located here, most of the guest traffic is for Magic Kingdom.  Guests will also find taxis and a bus stop for the Orlando LYNX public transportation system here.

49. Value Resort

Disney’s Value Resorts are accommodations that are targeted toward more budget-minded guests who don’t mind fewer amenities and fewer fine dining establishments in return for lower room costs.

50. Wait time

If you do not have a FastPass+ for an attraction, the wait time is the estimated amount of time that you must stand in a queue until you can experience the attraction.

Are you familiar with Walt Disney World lingo?  What additional words or phrases do you think guests should know before visiting WDW Resort?

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