Disney For Dudes - The 10 Best Disney World Experiences For Guys

7. The World of Pandora

In 2017, Disney partnered with visionary director, James Cameron, to bring to life the planet of Pandora from the sci-fi blockbuster, Avatar. In this new section of Disney’s Animal Kingdom, guests are transported from the savannah of Africa and the mystic lands of Asia to the uncharted jungles of Pandora. The area’s atmosphere and visuals alone are enough to send any science fiction fan over the edge. Guests can explore the bioluminescent landscapes, taste other-worldly cuisine at the Sa’tuli Canteen, ride a Banshee at the Flight of Passage, and explore the world of the alien Na’vi on the Na’vi River Journey. No matter how you spend your time here, you’re sure to find something incredible in this piece of Pandora.


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