Disney For Dudes - The 10 Best Disney World Experiences For Guys

Pirates Of The Caribbean

10. Pirates of the Caribbean

While princesses definitely hold one side of the Magic Kingdom coin, the other side is ruled by the Pirates of the Caribbean. Practically the jewel of Adventureland, Pirates of the Caribbean has been a Disney Park Icon for decades. Now with its own film series and Johnny Depp at the helm, the ride has a new life in the hearts of any Disney fan seeking adventures on the high seas with Captain Jack and his crew. On the ride, guests will board their own ships and sail away to swing swords with Captain Jack, Barbosa, Blackbeard, and other Buccaneers as they storm the island of Port Royal. This ride has more than enough action and adventure for guys young and old to enjoy. From swinging swords to the spray of the sea, Pirates of the Caribbean absolutely screams adventure.


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