Disney Does What? 10 Disney Vacation Experiences that May Surprise You!

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4. Visit Disney World 365 days per year for one fee.

You don’t have to live close to Disney in order to be there every 6 to 12 months (or more frequently).  My family and I live 1,100 miles away from Disney on a big flat area of land called Texas, but the minute school is out for summer, we’re packed up and headed to our happy place! We stay for about two weeks at a time when we visit. Years ago, we were sad when our tenth day in the parks had ended because we knew we couldn’t add more days to our tickets.  No more time in the parks. No more enjoying the parks, eating at our favorite Disney World restaurants and no more enjoying our favorite attractions. But then we did what any self-respecting Disney World-loving family would do—we bought Platinum Annual Passes. It’s the best thing we’ve ever done! The passes not only entitle us to unlimited days in the parks with no blockout dates, but they also allows us to enjoy a 20% discount on much of what we buy in the parks. We are even able to get discounts at certain restaurants at Disney. Annual Passes are a win-win-win for us, and they might be a good idea for your family too! The cost is $904 for kids, ages 3 to 9, and $1,010 for adults, ages 10 and up, including tax. Please note that these prices are for non-Florida resident Platinum passes only.


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