Dining Around Epcot's World Showcase - 12 Meals You're Going to Love

Spice Road Table

8. Mediterranean Small Plates at Spice Road Table

One of the more unusual meals in the World Showcase is at Spice Road Table in the Morocco pavilion. Situated along the World Showcase Lagoon, Spice Road Table offers great views and atmosphere as well as delicious food. While entrees are available, a fun way to try a lot of dishes is to order a selection of small plates to share among your party. My personal favorites are the Fried Calamari, with the delicious dipping sauces, the Hummus Fries (not French fries with hummus, but rather fried hummus), and the Brie Fondue, which is so sweet it could almost be a dessert. The Moroccan Lamb Sausage is also delicious, but beware, it’s pretty spicy. The small plate meal is a great idea for those unfamiliar with or unsure about Moroccan cuisine, or for those who love it so much that they just can’t choose just one entrée! Be sure to have some Moroccan tea as well, minty and very refreshing.



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