Delicious Meals On-The-Go At Disney World's Magic Kingdom

Lobster Roll

6.  Lobster Roll (Columbia Harbor House)

Eating quick-service seafood in a theme park may seem like risky business to some, but those who have given Columbia Harbor House in Liberty Square a chance know there is no risk involved here. This gem of a restaurant manages to serve up quality seafood in an efficient manner that never ceases to amaze.

While most of the options at Columbia Harbor House can only be enjoyed at a table, the lobster roll can be taken for a stroll by any person with a bit of multitasking talent. This sandwich includes large chunks of lobster and crisp, fresh vegetables. Though it may take a bit more work to eat on-the-go, it is well worth the extra effort in the end.

7.  Chicken Parmesan Sandwich (Pinocchio Village Haus)

If you’re a fan of Italian food, you’ll definitely enjoy Pinocchio Village Haus. Like Columbia Harbor House, this particular eatery doesn't really cater to the grab-and-go crowd; most of their menu consists of flatbreads, which are quite difficult to eat when there is no table involved.

That said, the chicken parmesan sandwich is a wonderful cross between travel-friendly food and traditional Italian flavor. If you enjoy chicken parmesan served with pasta, you will enjoy this sandwich—and being a sandwich, it isn’t too hard to take on the go. 

8.  Barbacoa Beef Burrito (Pecos Bill’s Tall Tale Inn and Cafe)

The Mexican-style fare found at Pecos Bill’s is an interesting alternative to the typical burgers and chicken found in so many Disney restaurants. Aside from its uniqueness, the food at this Frontierland food stop is actually pretty good.

For those looking to get their food and head out into the wilderness of the park, the burrito is an ideal option here. This delicious entrée comes unwrapped and filled to the brim with shredded beef, cilantro rice, and beans. You’ll have to wrap the burrito yourself, but before you do, be sure to top it off at the amazing condiment bar.  Photo credit Disney


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