Can Disney's Cinderella Castle Make It Through A Hurricane?

Cinderella Castle

1. Does Disney World Close For Hurricanes?

There is precedent for Disney closing because of hurricanes.  The parks were closed for a day in October 2016 because of Hurricane Matthew. The parks were closed twice in September 2004 for Hurricanes Frances and Jeanne. It was also closed for a day in September 1999 for Hurricane Floyd.  Disney is closing its' parks for 2 days because of Hurricane Irma but the resort hotels will remain open.  

So there you have it!  Cinderella Castle has the chops to withstand even the most violent weather systems.  I have to imagine that if any of the exterior is damaged that Disney has ample replacement/repair materials to get this popular icon ship-shape again despite any damage!  Way to keep the magic going Walt!

By DisneyFan


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