Buffets 101: What’s on the Menu?

Boma Buffet Disney World

3. Boma (Animal Kingdom Lodge)

The most adventurous choice on the list, Boma features a diverse collection of traditional buffet options and international cuisine!  Looking past the menu for a moment, guests will love dining at Boma because of the atmosphere – the entire restaurant is open to the rest of the hotel and the glass windows offer stunning views of the savannah surrounding the resort, as well as the animals that call the resort home. 

For their meal, guests can choose amongst rotisserie chicken, curried lamb stew, African-spiced strip loin, pork shoulder, slow-roasted ribs, and salmon. In addition to a variety of salads, guests can accompany their meals with spinach quinoa, roasted eggplant, seafood couscous, oxtail stew, and gumbo!  Dessert could be a meal here — zebra domes, cheesecake tarts, cookies, panna cotta, and coffee tarts are all on the menu, so be sure to come with an appetite!


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