An 8-Point Guide for Planning a Trip to Disney


1. Pack Your Bags

Finally, you will need to pack your bags. If you do any digging at all, you’re sure to come up with a multitude of Disney packing lists that seem to include everything but the kitchen sink. While it is best to be prepared on an intense Disney trip, it’s also not worthwhile to fret over forgetting something. This is because Disney World sells almost anything you may need, so forgetting something is truly not a problem at all.

What should you pack? Here’s a starting list:

●      Clothes, undies, socks and pajamas with a couple of extra outfits
●      Comfortable walking shoes
●      Toiletries (shampoo, soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste, razors, etc)
●      Flip-flops
●      Bathing suit
●      Sunscreen
●      Bag for the parks
●      Refillable water bottles
●      First aid kit
●      Phones and chargers
●      Phone battery bank
●      Autograph books
●      Camera
●      Must-do list
●      MagicBands
●      Stroller (if applicable)
●      Baby and kid necessities (if applicable)
●      Money, ID, and credit cards

Everything else is optional and shouldn’t be a cause for worry.

I hope this simplified list makes your Disney planning a little less overwhelming and a little more fun. However, if planning is still a bit too much, you might consider hiring a travel agent. These professionals know their Disney stuff, and they’re absolutely free to use!

By Chelsea


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