9 Things Disney Pros Do First At Walt Disney World Resort

Castle Balloons

9. Try Something New

There’s always something new to explore at Disney World, even for the most seasoned visitors. While it’s always great fun to enjoy the creature comforts you’ve grown to love so well, Disney fanatics know that expertise grows through new learning experiences. Do your research, see what may be new at the parks since your last visit, and rediscover any attractions you haven’t experienced in a while or at all if there are any. Furthermore, it’s important to take in each experience like it’s a new one, as no two visits are ever the same.

Experts know that preliminary pre-planning is the basis behind a truly magical stay at Disney World.  Before you even leave your home you should form a working plan on what you want to see and do, make any and all dining and pre-selected Fast Pass reservations, add the Park Hopper option (if you so desire), and reserve any spots at any events or activities that may be needed. Always make sure you have flexible back-up plans ready and, most importantly, remember to have fun because you are at Disney World!

By Laura Hermoza


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