9 Signs That You're Ready for a Trip To Walt Disney World

Cinderella Castle

9. On an average day, you think of Disney at least once or twice.

Maybe it’s a Disney character that you keep doodling in your notebook, or a Disney song that you always sing in the shower. Sooner or later, your Disney thoughts will become more and more present on your daily ‘train of thought’—so take that train to Disney World, and the sooner the better! You can still sing your Disney shower song there—but at Disney World, other people will probably sing along!  

For whatever reason—we can’t imagine why—you might be trying to resist the Disney urge; but, sooner or later, you’re going to have to give up the fight. If you’re reading this while wearing Frozen footie pajamas, watching Mulan, and perusing Disney’s Twitter feed, then yes: you probably need a Disney vacation. If you’re a Disney veteran, then you’ve probably caught on to your symptoms early and nipped that problem in the bud, but if this will be your first time going, then congratulations! Your first trip to The Most Magical Place On Earth will be all the more wonderful for you, because you just spent weeks dreaming about it. Let the magical adventures begin!  

By Sharon


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