9 Reasons Why We Love Cinderella’s Castle

Cinderella Castle Construction

2. The Construction

It took a mere 18 months to complete Cinderella’s Castle. The structure stands just 183 feet above water level, which kept it under FAA regulations that required lighting for aircraft (aircraft are since banned around WDW). The structure is framed solidly with 600 tons of steel and surrounded by 10 inches of reinforced concrete, making it formidable to hurricane strength winds up to 125+ mph. Plastic, plaster, and fiberglass add cosmetic details to the exterior. Inside, there are three elevators, used for both guests and cast member purposes. There are a total of 27 towers on the castle, all numbered for identification. In fact they are numbered 1-29, though towers 13 and 17 were never constructed. Fun facts: the golden topped tower is number 23 and the tower with the clock is number 10.   Photo credit Disney



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