9 Mouthwatering Snacks at Magic Kingdom

7. Gaston's Tavern Cinnamon Roll

One of the better ways to start any day at Magic Kingdom is ordering the cinnamon roll from Gaston's Tavern in Fantasyland. This substantial treat is roughly the size of a barge and will keep you full for a while—or you can share with a friend, so you can both leave enough room for more snacking elsewhere later.

8. LeFou's Brew

While you're at Gaston's Tavern, be sure to also try the LeFou's Brew, the restaurant's signature non-alcoholic beverage. It's comprised of frozen apple juice with a hint of marshmallow, topped with a creamy passion fruit/mango foam. This drink is basically an "ale" that the whole family can safely enjoy.

9. Candy/Caramel Apples

What would this list be if we didn't mention the various specialty apples you can get at Magic Kingdom? Not a complete one, that's for sure.

Step into Main Street Confectionery right as you come into the park, and you'll see what we mean. They have tons of creative specialty apples for you to drool over, from character-inspired caramel apples to visually striking topping-covered candy apples that will amaze both your eyes and your tastebuds.


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