9 Magic Kingdom Experiences You Can’t Get Enough Of At Walt Disney World

Peter Pan's Flight

2.  Peter Pan’s Flight

This iconic Disney-inspired ride is the only attraction where the track is on the ceiling, so you get the real sensation of flying above the streets of London, past Big Ben, over rivers and mountains, an Indian Village, and right into the midst of Neverland, home of the lost boys.  It is a dark family friendly ride on a magical pirate ship.  The fun-filled interactive queue leading up to the ride is filled with awesome hands-on activities, such as guests’ shadows appearing on the walls of the bedrooms of Wendy, Michael, and John. Fluttering butterflies will perch on your fingers, and there are dangling bells that can be rung, and character costumes that can be “worn”.  The wait time flies by and before you know it, your ship is ready for boarding.  Like many other Magic Kingdom attractions, the conveyor belt and ride vehicle move at the same speed, never stopping, which decreased the wait time.  Fast Passes are also highly recommended for this attraction.


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