8 Walt Disney World Pro Tips for Rookies

1. Disney World pros enjoy the little things.

Disney World rookies are notorious for skipping past the little things. Perhaps they don’t realize those things are there. Maybe they think they’ll miss out on something if they take time to enjoy the little experiences. For example, rookies often pass through the gates at the parks and then race past the details in the queues for attractions. Though you will be able to bypass the queues in attractions for which you have a FastPass+ time, you will inevitably spend some of your time in queues. But Disney has that special touch and has made the queues almost as entertaining as the attractions. There are so many things to see in the queues. The attention to detail is amazing! Hard to believe that waiting in line could be entertaining, right? Just wait until you’re in the queue for Toy Story Mania at Disney’s Hollywood Studios or the queue for Peter Pan’s Flight at Magic Kingdom.  Rookies neglect to take in all the vibrant colors of the flowers at EPCOT. Most have never heard of a hidden Mickey, and their days in the parks are spent rushing from attraction to attraction, instead of savoring the in-between time and using it to enjoy all the details that Walt Disney Imagineers have put into every corner of the Disney World Resort. Don’t be a rookie about this. You really will miss some fascinating things!

By Becky


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