8 Things You May Find Disappointing At Disney World Resort

Magic Kingdom Parade

Sure, Walt Disney World Resort is the most magical place on earth, but that doesn't mean disappointing things never happen there. In fact, the very nature of a Disney World vacation almost guarantees you'll be disappointed in one way or another. After all, most people put in hoursinto planning their vacations to Disney, and when something doesn't go according to plan—which will almost certainly happen, considering the dozens of factors that go into making everything perfect—people get upset.
The key to getting through this with grace and having fun despite the little mishaps is 1) knowing that some things probably won't go according to plan, and 2) preparing yourself for that. For some, it helps to know what might go differently than they had anticipated. Therefore, we've created a guide to the top 8 things you may find disappointing at Disney World. 


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