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8 Things We Love About Adventureland’s Jungle Cruise

Jungle Cruise

As one of the quintessential rides at Walt Disney World, the Jungle Cruise is something that you cannot miss when you visit the Magic Kingdom. Right in the heart of Adventureland, this ride offers things that everyone in your family will love. These are just some of the things that we love about the Jungle Cruise:

8.) The queue is full of interesting “artifacts”

As you walk through the line to get to the ride, you’ll find yourself seeing many interesting “artifacts” that previous travelers in the “Jungle Navigation Company” have found during their visits around the most exotic locations in the world. Full of old-fashioned radios, cursed tiki heads, boxes full of strange creatures, and maps of the world, the line itself is enough to keep everyone occupied and laughing.

7.) The boats have the quirkiest names

One of the most-loved parts of this ride is the actual boat that you’re in for the duration of your adventure and the cute names they all have. As you wait for your boat to arrive, you’ll see several names such as Amazon Annie, Nile Nellie, Irrawaddy Irma, and Orinoco Ida. As a child, my favorite part of the Jungle Cruise was trying to see if I could learn the name of every single boat, and it’s something that I still understand today.

6.) There are personal Skippers on each boat

One of the coolest parts about this ride is that your guide for the boat isn’t animatronic or just a voice playing in the boat; in fact, there’s actually a Skipper driving your boat and narrating your journey as you go down the river. These guys are full of humor and they make the ride so much more real for you.

5.) The ride takes you to numerous exotic locations

While on the Jungle Cruise, the boat ride will take you through many interesting and beautiful areas on the world’s most exotic rivers. The Amazon River, The Congo, The Nile, and The Mekong are all featured, with each area featuring vegetation and special experiences specific to each river.

4.) The animals are all so realistic

This ride features many life-like animatronic animals, such as playful elephants and a fierce python. There are rhinos, crocodiles, and giant butterflies, meaning that around each corner there is always something new and different to experience for everyone in your family!

3.) The scenarios are so awesome

Imagine cruising down a river in a nice boat, feeling the breeze on a warm day, and seeing a group of men being chased up a pole by a rhino. Uhm, what? And the best part is that this ride is packed full of awesome scenarios just like this, keeping your interest peaked the whole time.

2.) The Puns

One of the best parts of the Jungle Cruise is its tongue-in-cheek humor found from the moment you’re waiting in line ‘til when you step off the boat. Signs featuring names such as “E. L. O’Fevre” are posted in the queue, and your Skipper will narrate your adventure mainly using puns, such as telling us that “The elephants don’t mind if you look at them- they have their trunks on”. This ride does something that not all the others do: it keeps you laughing at all times.

1.) The ride is timeless

No matter how many times you’ve ridden down the rivers of the Jungle Cruise and experienced the quirky adventure, it’s still amazing every time. This ride never loses its charm or becomes boring, because the Skippers are always different, and so is the experience.

The Jungle Cruise is one of the most-loved rides in the Magic Kingdom, and you can see why! So next time you find yourself in Adventureland, do not pass up this amazing experience!

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