8 Secret Places You Will Never See Around Walt Disney World Parks 

2. Trash systems

In continuing the aforementioned fact about never seeing delivery trucks, you may have also realized that there are never any trash collection trucks in sight either. And considering millions of people visit Walt Disney World every year there’s bound to be trash, right? So where does it go? Does it simply disappear with a sprinkling of pixie dust? That method may work on the smaller messes, but for the majority of trash removal Disney relies on another form of magic known as “Automated Vacuum-Assisted Collection” or “AVAC” for short. Originally developed in Sweden, this method for trash removal relies on large pneumatic tubes, which are located at various underground places throughout Magic Kingdom Park. All debris that is thrown into trashcans is rapidly transported via compressed air at a staggering 60 miles per hour through tubes into a primary collection area located just behind Splash Mountain. At this secluded site, which is off limit to public visitors, the trash is processed, sorted, recycled, and disposed of accordingly.


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