8 Secret Places You Will Never See Around Walt Disney World Parks 


3. Food for thought

So what’s cooking within the elaborate Utilidor Tunnel System underneath Disney World’s Magic Kingdom? Apparently there’s plenty. Because Disney World boasts over 300 dining establishments and calls on the assistance of hundreds of chefs and kitchen staff to successfully carry out all meal preparations, it’s no wonder a little extra space is needed. Did you know that there are even additional kitchens located underground? Many of the larger restaurants still retain a prep kitchen on park level, but also rely on a separate tunnel level underground kitchen for lengthier cooking and all other the large culinary tasks. And while we’re talking about food, did you know that Disney cast members have exclusive underground dining options available to them as well, including a private Mouseketeria and other private café spots? Additionally, the bulk of food storage and other goods for the park are also housed within these belowground chambers. Deliveries are discreetly routed for private unloading, as you will notice there are never any delivery trucks outside to obscure park entry gates.


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